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Friday, June 5, 2015

5 Easy Day Trips for those living in Bavaria *Kid Friendly*

Living in Bavaria has several benefits. One of which is the vast amount of day trips available to Military families in the area. Most are within 2 hours driving max and include everything from castles to amusement parks!

Number 5: Lake Constance (Germany/Switzerland) Camping and Fun

Lake Constance is a huge lake which sits directly on top of the Germany and Switzerland border in Southern Bavaria. Although my family has yet to be there, we have a camping trip planned this summer since we have heard nothing but good things from the area, and well we share the same name of course! In case you don't want to camp, take a day trip into the southern side of the lake and enjoy horseback riding in Switzerland followed by a nice dinner.

Number 4: Garmisch and the Alps
The Garmisch are is filled with family fun and adventure. Not to mention this is where the US Army Europe Resort and Hotel, Edelweiss, is located. Which means you can spend a fun day traveling to the top of the largest mountain in Germany and zip lining back down on there numerous ropes courses. OR, you could stay for a couple nights at Edelweiss and pay Military friendly rates for an excellent hotel with great amenities.
Number 3: Legoland
Legoland is located in G├╝nzburg, Germany which is only a couple hour drive from all three major Military posts in USAG Bavaria. Legoland is...well...Legoland. What else needs to be said. If you have younger children or maybe a husband who is still a kid on the inside then this is the place for you. TONS of hands on full size and miniature lego replicas await you and your family for a day filled with laughter and amazement!
Number 2: Munich - Museums and Olympia Park
Munich is a huge metropolitan area and includes great museums such as the BMW Museum as well as my favorite, the Deutsches Museum which has it's own planes for you to explore in as well as a children's area downstairs with great hands on museum goodies. While your there, check out the Olympia park area which was home to the 1972 summer Olympics. Now days this area sports great summer and winter activities. Be warned this park is huge, trust me I ran a Spartan Race all throughout it :)
Number 1: Regensburg and city exploration
Regensburg is a city in south central Bavaria right off of Autobahn 3. This city has been dated back to the stone ages, with early settlement remains still visible from the Roman empire in 90 AD at which time they built a fort here. If that does not entice you that there is crazy history in the area, just take a look at the Cathedral above (Hint: Inside there is small museum with gold pieces valued in the Billions $$ ). Not only history but modern day conveniences like American style shopping malls exist to fill your day with fun. Don't forget to bring a love lock and place it on the bridge for ever lasting romance or family tradition and memories!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What? You thought Europeans didn't roll in luxury?

   There have been countless times since living in Germany where I was caught off guard by something I didn't expect to see. Some of these times are just due to our extensive travel around most of Europe, Greece, Turkey, and some Eastern European Countries as well. Yet, some occurred right here in Germany.

  It is remarkable how during just a simple drive to the local Military post you can see old castle ruins on top of a mountain, and then the most modern looking Big Rig on the same stretch of road. sometimes, Germany can be like a looking glass into the past and others a sneak peak of the future. As I am sure most of you are aware, some of the cars we consider luxurious in the United States, such as: BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and Mercedes, are just every day commuter cars to the Germans.

 Did you know the most common car used for basic Taxi service in Germany is the Mercedes. They are not old cars with rust and scratches either, the majority of them being models I would love to own myself. In a different color of course :)

Also, our children ride luxury tour buses to school here. No more yellow school bus rolling down the street. They ride in 4 and 5 star tour buses used by celebrities and bands on tour in the United SCHOOL!

What are some of the strangest things you have heard about Germany? Seen?

~ C